Because we are not called to stand by and watch.

Get your hands dirty. Make your feet hurt.

In the end - there will be a smile on your face for a job well done!


Because NBCRI is hosting the Turkey Supper to benefit Bags of Hope NE.

What is Bags of Hope?

Their Story:

We first heard of children traveling through foster care with their belongings in trash bags, while in adoption classes. It was a moment that we won’t forget. When children are removed from their biological homes, it is often in a stressful situation. The social worker grabs a trash bag and fills it with the child’s most beloved items and some clothes. Many times this trash bag travels from home to home with a child. Children in foster care will often talk about how the sound of a trash bag reminds them of moving. This broke our hearts! In 2011 we asked our church and family to help us begin monogramming duffle bags and filling each bag with comfort items. The word began to spread and to date, almost 10,000 children have received monogrammed duffle bags. -Kim & John Gagne

This will be NBCRI's FIFTH year supporting the Bags Of Hope Ministry.

In order to volunteer, please fill in the form below. Please check off the time and job to which you can commit. (Please be sure to fill out a separate form for each person volunteering)

For any additional questions, please see Ken Marrocco.

The Turkey Supper will be held on Saturday, October 19th 

4:30 pm & 6:30 pm

We will also provide childcare for children of parents who volunteer! If you need childcare, please be sure to check off the box down below.

If you can donate a pie (because pie is essential to our Turkey Supper success) please visit our pie donation card.