Begins - Thursday - January 12th - Sign Up!

Welcome, everyone!

If you watched seasons 1 & 2, skip to the form and let us know you are joining us for season 3. (which begins Thursday, January 12th - at 7 pm)

All episodes will be shown before the start of class within our zoom room if you haven't watched them on your own.

If you haven't watched seasons one and two, no worries, you have time to get caught up!

There are several ways to view this outstanding series.

1) Visit the Angel Studios Website: (this is the easiest)

2) You can stream it from "The Chosen" app. (download from your play store or try these links to download the app.

For apple phones:

For android phones:

3) You can catch season 1 on Netflix.

We promise you will read the bible with fresh eyes.

"The bible was black & white, now it's in color"

*Zoom Link for the bible study:

Meeting ID: 913 9790 3735

Password: 146526