Plan A Visit

Service times, directions, and what to expect upon your first visit to Norwood Baptist Church RI

Getting to know each other...during a Pandemic

Here at Norwood Baptist Church RI, we want to help eliminate those "first-time jitters" by answering some of your questions up front.

We care about you, not what you’re wearing. We don’t care who you’re voting for in the next election or how many tattoos you have. We’re a church full of imperfect, broken people who are coming to know Jesus and serving others together, and regardless of your story, we believe you belong!

Some tips the during The Pandemic:

Parking? What door do I enter? Let's start here. (48 Budlong Ave., Warwick - 941-7040)

We have parking both in the front of the church and a parking lot located in the back of our building.

During this pandemic season:


If you plan on attending the *Thursday evening worship at 6:30 pm or the *Sunday morning worship at 10:00 am, please enter the building through the doors located in the front of the building. There will be hosts to greet you outside and guide you to your seat. Should you have a need for physical assistance, please use the ramp located on the side of the building beginning in the parking lot. Again, a host can meet you and assist you to your seat. (These services will also be live-streamed to Facebook.

If you plan on attending the *Sunday morning worship time at 8 am, please enter the building through the door located in the parking lot (behind the church). It is marked "Kitchen". There will be hosts to greet you outside as well and will be more than happy to assist you. This service is NOT handicap accessible. (This service will NOT be live streamed)

*All services are requiring reservations due to social distancing rules. You may call 941-7040 to make your reservation. For further details on what to expect, please click on the button below.

If you’ve never been and you’re considering coming, here’s what you should expect…

Nice people. We LOVE it when someone comes for the first time. But, we don’t always recognize the first-time guests. So many of the people who come are still relatively new, so feel free to say, “This is my first time,” and we’ll guide you in!

A casual atmosphere. We care about YOU, not what you’re wearing, so feel free to come in jeans or whatever is comfortable. Our dress code is simple: wear something. We will NOT single you out publicly or ask you to say anything, and we do NOT expect guests to contribute anything financially.

A fun, safe environment for kids! Kids love it here at Norwood! During this current season, we encourage parents to bring their children and teach them to participate in some of the elements that the kids can take part in. Invite them to sing, pray and listen to the children's time from Pastor George. There will come a time for Pastor George to give his sermon. At that point, we will ask parents to put on the kiddos headphones and let them listen/interact on their video tablet/phone to some lessons geared just for the kids. (Unfortunately during this time, NBCRI is not equipped to provide childcare services due to the required regulations)

Children learning! Due to the sensitive nature and protection of all children, if you have a child and they would like to particiapte within our current on-line classes/groups, please contact the church office for further information. (Day, time, and invite code will be provided)

Practical teaching. Sermons will connect the Bible to everyday life. Music is lively and uplifting. During worship don’t be surprised when some people raise their hands as a sign of praise while singing, but don’t feel obligated to do so yourself. We create an atmosphere of freedom in our services.


If you have questions about faith, becoming a Christian or are looking for more information about the church, click here to join STARTING POINT. (on-line private facebook group) If you don't have facebook, please contact the church office and Pastor George would love to set-up a zoom meeting with you.

Keep in mind....people are attending, and even leading Norwood Baptist Church who are not perfect.

In fact, perfect people are not allowed. 

We’re a community of people who don’t have it all together, but are discovering what it means to find life in Jesus, to follow him wholeheartedly, to break free from our past, and to walk in victory together.

That’s who we are.

So tell us about yourself so that we can prepare for your visit.