Feed The Homeless

Cooking & Serving Others Once A Month

So the good news as of 10/28/2021 the Coalition for the Homeless just found out they will be receiving grant money to house 500 individuals for the upcoming winter. (This is awesome)

However, until the government releases the funds, our friends are still on the streets.

That being said, NBCRI has partnered with Help The Homeless to provide direct support to individuals on the streets with proper meals.

For now...

We have committed to providing meals for the 2nd Saturday of each month at the West Warwick site. (other sites include Pawtucket and Woonsocket)

If you would like to help, please indicate on the form.

We are looking to schedule volunteers on a rotation basis.

The project involves, planning the menu, shopping, cooking, and serving. The cooking would happen here at the church. (Some items, like desserts, could happen at homes) The serving happens outdoors. In some special circumstances, serving could happen within hotels or buildings that would be secured for the winter months.

Please mark off what you feel you can commit to. Thanks.