Bible In A Year Challenge

Challenge Accepted

Looking to :

  • Increase your knowledge of the bible?
  • Grow in your faith?
  • Just want to give it a try?

NBCRI is encouraging you to spend time in scripture. There are many different ways to "read" the bible.

For good old fashion reading with a book in hand:

We recommend the book Reflections (copies can be found in the resources center or download from Amazon)

For people who are on the go or prefer listening to the bible:

We recommend visiting the following website...

There is also the YouVersion App. For both adults and kids.

We also encourage you to get a partner! Invite someone to share in this experience. (friend, family member, child, etc.) It helps to have an accountability partner!

Still stuck? Or you just want to let us know that you want to share in the fun.

Drop us a line below. Kathy Barclay will be in touch!