BAGS OF HOPE NE - Direct link to their web

Supporting Children In Foster Care

NBCRI plays a small part each year in helping Bags of Hope NE reach their goals.

You are more than welcome to partner with us in a continuing effort to support their mission.

"There are many ways to get involved with Bags of Hope! The first and easiest is to PRAY!

Another easy way to be a part of what we're doing in our community is to GIVE. You can click "GIVE" at the bottom.


BUT part of the vision of Bags of Hope is that the responsibility of caring for children in foster care does not solely rest on the social workers and the state... neither does it rest on an organization such as ours! The responsibility belongs to ALL OF US! So with that, our vision for the functioning part of Bags of Hope is to include as many churches, groups, and organizations as possible. When we all lift the burden together and help each other carry the load, it's much more manageable!" - Kim & John Gagne

For more information on foster parenting or adoption, please visit,