Advent Book 2021

Inspiring Messages

This year's advent book has been created by a variety of people spanning all ages.

We have opted to try a hosting company that allowed us to create the book for free to keep costs down.

Please read through all the directions to see what will work best for the device you plan on using to read the advent book.

**The best viewing option is on the desktop or tablet.

The hosting company will "pop up" an ad as exchanged for the free service. Just click on the "x" to the right and shut down the ad.

You can choose to download the book if you prefer.

Directions for the desktop

Scroll to the bottom of the page where the book is located. Be sure to click on the image to the far right that looks like a square. That will bring you to full screen.

Directions for the tablet:

Touch the side of the side and expand it with your fingers.

Just click on the arrows, either left or right, to turn the pages. Additionally, you can also put the page number within the box located at the bottom of the screen. (This will be useful when you come to the book each day)

To get out of the full-screen mode, please use the escape key.

See below for mobile device directions


If you are using your phone/mobile device, viewing will be best if you download the book to your phone.

Please click on the Advent Book Download.

Don't forget to share with others.

Merry Christmas!